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Saturation refers to the intensity of the amount of color in the gem. The best stones have deep and flawless saturations. This means it is of pure color with no traces of any other colors. On the other hand, hue refers to the various primary and secondary colors of the gems.

Naturally, gems with bright and vivid colors are the most sort out brands compared to the ones with dull colors. However, this may differ depending on individual tastes and preferences.

Lastly, the tone is described as the lightness or darkness of the color. These color tones range from clear to black. For example, clear or light tones in ruby will make it appear pale-red whereas a dark-toned ruby will appear more like deep red grapes.


The clarity of a gemstone is determined by the level of impurities in the stone. Given the fact that gemstones form from the earth, they naturally exhibit other foreign substances such as insects, dust, liquids, air pockets, and other minerals.

All these enclosed substances affect the value of the stones. Gems with fewer or no impurities are considered more valuable whereas their counterparts drive down the value and the prices of the gemstones.


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